It’s no secret that company hiring managers have to cast a wider net these days when trying to recruit the best talent. Not to mention it’s different out there. Long gone are the days of newspaper ads when job seekers put yellow highlighter to paper and cut out ads with a pair of scissors.

Another newsflash: Simple job postings on websites also are old news.

Recruiting today means getting down with the nitty-gritty of social media outlets, from Facebook and LinkedIn to Glassdoor and Yelp. Throw in mobile-ready company websites, on-site recruiting events, fun YouTube videos and a dash of the unconventional, and recruiters have all they need to catch the best talent.

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Food, glorious food

“The most exciting thing that we do is if you feed them they will come,” said Tanya Ruddell, Human Resources Manager at George Brazil Services, which offers air conditioning, heating, plumbing and electrical services throughout the Valley.

In operation since 1955, the Phoenix-based company has roughly 170 employees and hosts recruiting job fairs at its headquarters. “We feed them lunch and we do on-the-spot interviewing with hiring managers,” Ruddell said.

The company provides its own training and publicizes through social media, CareerBuilder and local supply houses. “We just want people who are willing to work,  have a positive attitude and fit in with our family,” she said.

Variety is the spice of work life

Alliance Residential Company uses variety to get its name in front of targeted candidates from online, career events and social media to a referral program, an internship program and posting fun videos online.

The company, which builds and manages luxury apartment communities in 17 states, looks for employees who have a competitive nature, exhibit intellectual curiosity, leadership qualities and those who can provide great customer service. “We want people who are looking to make an impact in the work they do every day,” said Greta Schneider, Director of Talent.

Recruit to learn; recruit to win

When searching for talent, Yodle ’s talent acquisition team hosts, sponsors and attends various events during the year, including sales meet and greets and engineering game nights.

“We look for people who like to learn and support our mission of empowering local businesses to find and keep their customers in the simplest, most profitable ways imaginable,” said Karen Kesner, Vice President of Talent Acquisition, Human Resources at Yodle, a provider of local online marketing solutions with 40,000-plus local business customers across the country.

Founded in 2005 with headquarters in New York City, Yodle’s Scottsdale office has 185 employees, most of whom are in sales and client services. When recruiting, “we show candidates what it means to work for Yodle by exposing as much of our personality and promise to candidates along the way,” Kesner said. Yodle achieves this through information sessions, outreach to universities, community partnerships and in the interview process.

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Fitting in with the culture

As one of the largest investment management companies and provider of company-sponsored retirement plan services, Vanguard attracts talent in different ways, including working with community  partners, such as locally with Valley of the Sun United Way, and economic development organizations, its college recruiting program, internships and its MBA rotational program, according to Stephanie Scher, Vanguard’s Marketing Specialist and Public Relations Liaison for Arizona.

The company created Vanguard Recruiting Events for applicants. “We want prospective employees to visit our campus, meet a number of Vanguard crew, see the environment in which they might work, and observe the culture we are proud of,” Scher said, who adds that it can be “an efficient way to approach a multi-step interview process.”

Vanguard’s “learn & grow” culture offers internships, various career development resources and an onsite career café for informational sessions, not to mention opportunities for formal and informal mentoring. “The career café is really a physical representation on how we are committed to our crew,” Scher said. “From the moment you join Vanguard your leader is interested not only in the success of your current role but also preparing you for your next career opportunity within Vanguard.”

In the end, most companies looking for great talent look for similar traits: They all want dedicated employees who are passionate about their work and where they work. As Yodle’s Kesner said, “We believe that if you get to know Yodle, you’ll want to work here.”